Go to a Shamen for Tinnitus?

Yes, I did! I am not a very spiritual person, nor am I believing to much in alternative treatments. Finding a solution for my ear ringing or finding a way how to deal with it better has lead me down some pretty alternative roads. Being […]

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Tinnitus Spiral

Like in every spiral or cycle you are trapped in, you just can´t manage to get out. You keep following the same steps over and over again. Tinnitus The sound of my tinnitus drives me crazy, especially when it just became louder. Then usually the […]

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Why did I start this blog?

Well, I always tell myself that I will do this and that to make live easier to be more active again, to go out more again…but then most of the time daily routines just take over and nothing happens. I don´t make it happen….So now […]

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