Tinnitus and Travel

Going abroad with tinnitus? Let´s start by saying not every trip is the same. And then let´s continue with talking about different kinds of travel. I´ll share with you my travel exeprience by telling you what traveling has been like for since I have had […]

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Rewiring Tinnitus

I read the book from Glenn Schweitzer about his healing journey. He still has tinnitus. He is not cured. BUT he found relief. He wrote a book about how he found relief. When I found this book I was super excited and thought that I […]

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Healing like a ChaChaCha

I always hope done day there would be a pill for tinnitus.  I thought that just some day soon I would be able to just take some medication for a while and this devastating ringing in my ears would go away. Now, nine years later […]

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