Peruvian Medicine – Ayahuasca

I have tried so many things on my journey to find relief from tinnitus and to fight it, but recently I though why not take advantage of the alternative medicine in Peru.

You hear a lot about Ayahuasca in Peru, but it has become super commercialized. More and more people offer it to the tourists comming to town without having the proper training.

Ayahuasa is forbidden in almost any other country on the world, but here in Peru it counts as a sacred medicide from the jungle. It was a traditional medicine for the Indigenous peoples, mainly of the Amazon basin.

Ayahusca is a plant growing in the jungle which means vine of the soul, mixed with some other plants containing high amount of the psychedelic substance DMT it gets cooked to become a drinkable tea or juice. It is very important that it is cooked by people who what they are doing.

So of course when drinking something with DMT, it induces a psychedelic and visionary state of mind.

But why is it not considered a drug here in Peru?

It is a sacred plant which has been used to reach a special kind of trance by Shamen to connect to nature or to reach a special kind of spiritual state. Drinking Ayahuasca is acompanied by singing. The medicine man or Shamen sing songs during the ceremony, they say the plants speaks to them and through the plant the words just come out. The plant, she is feminine, has to be taken in a sacred ceremony. The Shamen thanks mother earth and appreciates the Ayahuasca and asks her to help the people who will be drinking.

And how could it help?

The plant doesn´t just heal people like that. She brings unconscious processes to the counscious mind, which can help people to face their fears / problems and find ways to work on them.

Sometimes people go through a hard time facing their problems, but the Shamen are there to help them work through it. Their songs can guide people or also through help how to handle a specific situation that came up.

A lot of poeple have to purge, it is said that this is to clean the body and the mind.

So I was curious.

I want to know what would come up if I drink it? Woud it show me why I have tinnitus or would it how me a way how to heal it? Would I find my fears and help me to overcome them and would that relief my ear rinnging? Or would it bring closer to myself?

Yesterday in the afternoon I went to a Shamen in the Sacred Valley, in a small town called Coya. What I loved about this Shamen, she is a woman and she´s from England. So it was easier to connect. She has been in Peru for a long time and went through the whole Shamen training in the jungle.

I was a little nervous, but after the flower bath she offered I felt more relaxed already. We used roses, cloves and some white flowers as well as some plants. The bath felt really good and cleansing. As the sun went down we lit a fire in her chimney, observing the fire we she thanked ayahuasca.

She gave each of us a cup to drink of the sacred drink – it tasted horrible!

At first I didn´t feel anything at all. I just set there and looked out those big windows….looking at the stars, thinking wow, nothing happens. Nothing besides feeling nauseous.

But soon I felt that there was something in my head, it seemd to pull and push around in my head…loosing up the tensions and then I felt it was examinating my teeth, one by one. At first I was a little scared but then I actually enjoyed it.

After that I saw a lot of bright colors moving around and then suddenly appeared a huge snake! It had the same colors as the colors moving around. I was scared, the snake was so big! And it looked directly at me, in my eyes.  As I said that I was scared the sanke said that she would leave if I´m scared, but I didn´t want that either.

I wasn´t scared anymore.

There were a lof of things happening and I don´t remember all of them, the most important thing was that the snake huged me really tightly and gave me warmth . . . it made me feeled loved. It felt like she lit a fire in my heart. She put me on a throne and sat down over my head to protect me. She was there the whole time and just filled me up with love.

Talking to the Shamen this morning, she said that the snake is the master of your path – the ayahuasca and she doesn´t show herself very easily. So I was happy.

The message?

That I´m the most important thing in my life and that I have to do what I need and take care of myself first. That is exactly the path I´m on. So nothing new really, but the encouragement was huge and the power I got. I feel so full of love and so confident in following this path.

After all it was just a really positive experience, showing me that the path I took is the right path.

So, I´ll contine meditating, doing yoga and taking time for myself.


  1. Isabelle Gressler

    January 3, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out more details.

    1. magda

      January 7, 2018 at 10:27 am

      Hey Isabelle, sadly I don´t. I think I was so occopied with admiring the ceremony that I didn´t think about using my cell pone. But if you want to find out more, there is tons of information on the internet!

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