Up your journal game – to keep track of your tinnitus

I have written before about what the therpeutic effect journaling can have – but lately my diary writing hasn´t been working that well.

Lately I noticed that I my journaling was going nowhere – it was a bunch of gibberish, that didn´t make sense and it wasn´t even remotely talking about things that matter to me or that I want to work on. It seemed like I just wrote because I felt forced to get something down, so there was nothing real in my words anymore….no message in my writting, it was more like my childhood journals again when I just joted down what I did all day long.

Then I remembered that I always did better when I had an objective. So I upgraded my diray writing – I decided to direct my journaling with questions.

It also helps me to track my tinnitus in order to find out more about my triggers, to see progress and to stay motivated!

Not only that, it helps to work on my goals daily and to think more positive by using affirmations to change my perspective.

How can all of that be reached with one diary entry?
Keep track of your stressers:

So I grade my stress level from 0 to 10, 0 meaning feeling no stress at all and 10 the highest stress level possible. Then I write down what this stresser was and how I reacted to it.

Hoping this will help me to identify my biggest stressers and find a way how to deal with them.

Stay active and aware in the present moment:

I note which sports I did and for how long, I also write down what yoga exercise I choose and how long that practice lasted. The same goes for my meditation practice, which guided meditation I performed and how long that practice lasted. Besides that I write down what sensation that meditation evoked in me and reflect in general on my feelings after meditating.

This helps me to stay commited to my workout as well as to my awareness practice or rather inner peace practice and what feelings that brings up to get to know myself better.

The next category is about tracking my tinnitus:

Sleep is always important to me, so I write down how many hours I slept the night before to see if that affects my tinnitus. I also rate my noise exposure – from 0 to 10. 0 means I didn´t have any exposure to loud noises that day, consequently 10 is the loudest noise exposure possible.

Jotting down if I had coffee and how many cups is part of my food tracking. Listing the foods I had is just one part, I also rate my salt and sugar consumption. For that I use again 0 to 10. And very important I write down how many glasses of water or other liquids I had. In the category food observation, I write down what I think about this whole category that day and how it made me feel.

What we consume influnces our whole body and that way I want to find out what is good for me and what not, also I try to avoid my tinnitus triggers through keeping track of how much of it I consumed. Also staying hydrated is so importanted for my well-being and also for the health of the whole body, as I have the feeling lately that I don´t drink enough; I hope writting down how much I drink helps me to drink more again.

The next category is helping me to see life in a more positive way again:

Writting down three things for each topic helps me to see what good things happend during my day and what I was able to do. I´m not talking about small things, little things like a message from a friend or a nice gesture of someone or that I taught a good class.

Seeing everyday in writting that so many good things are happening to me and that I´m thankful for so many things . . . hopefully leads to me seeing life in a different light again. To see the good things again.

I´m working with affirmations to change my way of thinking:

In the past I did so many affirmations on one day that int he end I cound´t even remember what I was trying to work on. Now, I´m choosing one affirmation each day. And that affirmation I have to say a few times a day. Right now I´m working on forgiveness, so one example would be:

I know that old negative patterns no longer limit me, I let them go with ease. – Louise Hay

I´m also praciting self-love and the best way to do that is by mirror work – so I look at myself in the mirror and say an affirmation about my body, for example:

I love my ears. I´m balanced and poised and one with all of life. I choose the thoughts that create harmony around me. I listen with love to the good and pleasant. I hear the cry for love that is hidden in everyone´s message. I´m willing to understand others and I have compassion for them. I rejoice in my ability to hear life. I have a receptic compasity of my mind, I am willing to hear. I love and appreciate my beautiful ears.  – Louise Hay

I usually say the affirmation a few times through out the day. I noticed that I say them, but a lot of times don´t really believe in them – so use the same affirmation for so long until I can believe it. Affirmations don´t work if you don´t believe in them!

Journaling this way helps me to accomplish and track my many intentions and also my habits. It shows the progress I´m making and keeps me motivated to continue on this journey.

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