Massage and steam room for tinnitus relief?

What else could be better than a massage? A massage in combination with a steam room.

Of course getting a massage doesn´t cure your tinnitus, but many people like me who suffer from tinnitus have a problem with stress and tension.

I am tense almost all the time and when my shoulders and neck are that tense that I feel like it is giving me a headache and my little expercises don´t work anymore…

Then it is time for a massage!

I went to one just the other day, it was made with relaxing oils and it was a freestyle massage, including normal techniques, hot stone massage and refexiology. That combination was really great.

Getting a massage helps with relaxing your muscles, relief pain and even helps to sleep better. It also increases flexibility and what I experienced – it really improves your mood! I just felt really happy afterwards.

Why did I feel so happy?

A massage can lower level of cortisol and stress hormones and also increases serotonin and dopamine.

So you can see a massage is not only good for the most obious reasons – muscel relaxation.

After my treatment I felt already great but it was a combination package with a steam room, I was really excited as I hadn´t been in a steam room in a long time.

I can´t begin to tell you how geat I felt afterwards!

But why are steam rooms good for you and might even be good for people with tinnitus?

It of course depends on what caused your tinnitus, mine for example is conected with my reoccuring sinus infections.

A steam room can open and thins mucous membranes in your body, sinuses, throat and lungs. It may even reduce immflamations in the upper body.

It also gives your inmune system a boost and relaxes the body as well as reduces tension.

Eliminating toxings from your body is another great effect besides cleansing the skin.

It is just a perfect mariage of treatments and we should do it a lot more than we do. I just loved my day and felt healthy and super relaxed!

So I thought, why not indulge myself in that way?! Indulging with food usually comes with negative side effects, it makes you feel bad after or your stomach is upset….indulging with you don´t need is just a waste of money.

So indulge yourself with something that makes you feel good and has great health benefits!


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