Relaxation in the Bathroom – Relax for Tinnitusrelief

Being a tense person has kept me a lot of times from relaxing  – my tensness causes headaches, jawaches, it also affects my mood AND my tinnitus.

Quickly after my tinnitus got super loud I realised that I have to work on my level of calmness and relaxation in order to manage the ear ringing.

Relaxing is not something that comes to me easily, it takes me a lot of effort to be able to feel relaxed. There are so many ways to de-stress and unwind, but I found out that  for me it works best if I not only work on it at night or maybe during the day. It is best if I start my day loosend up , when I do that, I feel better throughout the day! My days then don´t  get as bad as some have gotten before.

A lot of times I like to get up early and do relaxing exercises, meditate or / and do yoga…all of that helps of course and is part of my healing journey. Also I love how it makes me feel. Sometimes there is just no time for this or there is another way to support this effect even.

I have always loved water and everything related with water relaxes me, so why not set up a daily relaxation session in the shower. It helps to start the day right and relaxed. The best part about it is, that you don´t need anything and that it can be included in your daily routine without any effort.

All you need is to have a shower with a handheld showerhead.

I don´t have one right now and I have tried to do those relaxing exercises, I mean it is possible but just not as comfortable or easy. Also it seems like the massages are not as profound that way.


  1. One way to do it, is to massage your head under the shower with lukewarm water, starting with the middle of the head and then letting the water run down on both sides of your head. Massage your head with a small circular motion. At the end massage also your solar plexus and your heart center. Throughout this whole massage breath slowly.


  1. Emotions and stress get stuck in five different areas of the body, in the jaw, neck and face area, the shoulders and heart area, the diaphragm and lung area, the stomach and gut area or in the pelvic floor and hip area. One way to get rid of those emotions and stressed feelings manifested in the stomach area, also if your immune system is down it often has to do with the digestive tract. So the health of our stomachs is important for the overall wellbeing. Take one minute and massage your belly in a triangle motion, start at the liver, go over to the spleen and then under the bellybutton. Afterwards massage your solar plexus for also about one minute.


3.  In the Chinese medicine the heart stands for fire and the kidney´s stand for water.

Research shows that the connection between water and fire, between erotic and loving feeling, is universal. Passion is part of the human hardware. It is an emotional skin covering the sophisticated machinery of species reproduction. Without the hunger to be close to another, there would be no offspring. Passion for a beloved can be found in all cultures, no matter how primitive or isolated from the rest of the world. All human beings feel attracted, passionate and desirous of those whose genetics foretell of healthy offspring. (

And seeing it from the viewpoint of the modern medicine, they are also connected.The heart pumps blood filled with oxygen through all parts of your body, including the kidneys.  The kidneys clean the blood, removing waste products and extra water.  Without the kidneys, your blood would have too much waste and water. Without the heart, your kidneys would not have the oxygen filled blood needed to do its many important jobs. Without the help of your kidneys, the heart would be working too hard or would not function at all.  A healthy functioning cardiovascular system is important for your kidneys to their job.

( )

So as we know now how important the heart-kidney-connection is, it is important to stimulate it. It also helps to generate energy for the whole day! Start by massaging the kidney´s in a ciruclar motion and then exactly above the adrenal gland. To finish the massage off massage the heart center.


  1. Working on your sleekness and on producing even more energy, massage the surface of the arch of your foot in a circular motion and also bring the shower head closer and then take it away further away from your foot to change the water pressure on your foot. Massage especially the part right before the toes, this is the reflex zone of the kidneys, liver, spleen and stomach. This helps to create energy. Using reflexony points not only stimulates the areas, which you put pressure on it also relaxes the mind, body and spirit. It is a way to assist your body to balance itself and promotes natural healing as well as a calmer outlook on life.


5. Have you heard about tapping?

Tapping provides relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, and physical diseases. While Tapping is newly set to revolutionize the field of health and wellness, the healing concepts that it’s based upon have been in practice in Eastern medicine for over 5,000 years. Like acupuncture and acupressure, Tapping is a set of techniques which utilize the body’s energy meridian points. You can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power. (

Combine it with your shower relaxing time! Let the water run down directly on your head and then start with tapping. Tap with your fingertips and start at your heart center and then between your neck and shoulders. With the closed right fist tap along your upper and lower arm, then the other arm. To finish it off Tap your right thigh and at the same time lift it  a little bit, don´t forget to do it on both legs. Use lionsbreath to help this process. Lionsbreath means that you exhale forcefully while making a roaring sound like a lion.

Lion’s breath is performed by starting in simhasana then lowering the jaw to open the mouth wide, stretching the tongue out and curling it down. The gaze is toward the sky. The muscles at the front of the throat contract and a forceful exhalation is made with a roaring “haaaa” sound, feeling the air pass over the back of the throat. This can be repeated two or three times. Lion’s breath is said to provide an ideal outlet for negative energy. The powerful exhalation and the engagement of the arms and shoulders are a manifestation of the release of negative energy from inside. It is said that many problems are a result of anger and resentment held inside and lion’s breath, with simhasana, releases that energy. It is important that the exhalation is strong and full of intention, not half-hearted, in order to experience the full benefits.

( )



  1. To relax your neck let lukewarm water run on your neck and then put the shower head dircely over your head – close your eyes, breath slowly and visulize your muscles relax. Keep your eyes closed and circle your head to each side and to the front and back. Do it at least twice, first in one direction and then in the other direction.


  1. Relax your upper body under the warm water of the shower. Let the water run over your shoulders and lift both hands and jingle with the fingers, start with the thumb and go to the little finger. Hold your ellbows and rotate your shoulders in one and then in the other direction. Lift and drop your shoulders. Put your thumbs between your head and neck – press lightly and rotate your head to the right and drop it to the right. Do the same on the other side.


  1. Do you often wake up and feel just like you need a massage? To geht rid of the morning stiffness massage your joints with lukewarm water from the shower head. Start with the shoulders, then the neck and ellbows, move on to the wrists, pelvis, knee and ankle. Wake up your musces with warm water and you will feel great the whole day! Start with your legs, put the water on your ankels and work your way up from there. At the end tap your cheeks to stimulate bloodcirculation and put on some nice smelling eau de cologne.


  1. Make sure not to slip during this relaxing exercise. Use a little ball or stick, put it under your foot and roll it under your foot while lukewarm water runs down your back. Massage the whole arch of your foot to stimulate the meridians. Make sure to do it on both feet.
What are meridians?

A basic TCM definition of meridians is that they are a network of ‘energy channels’ in the body. You’ve probably seen an anatomical chart of meridian points in an acupuncturist’s treatment room, or other type of healer. When you take a look at this chart, it appears that these meridians are superficial, appearing just below the skin. Meridians can go much deeper than skin surface, as we’ll come back to in a bit.

Meridians are thought to connect the surface of the body with the internal organs. As long as Qi (energy) can flow through the meridians in the proper amount, not too much and not too little, disease can be averted.

Every organ and major region in the body needs energy in order to function. Energy comes from the nutrients we eat from food, and from free-flowing blood. There are six pairs of meridians (12 total major meridians), each affecting a corresponding Yin/Yang organ. ( )



You will see that your days will start a lot better this way. You will feel energized, calm and ready so start your day! I realised more and more that the way I started my day influences my whole day.

Starting my day relaxed and full of energy surly helps me to manage my daily tasks and to get through my day not being disturbed by my tinnitus as much.

Just give it a try!






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