Avoid stressing out – by managing your time!

I think the fact that stress is generally bad is well established and that it worsens tinnitus is no secret either. There are many ways to relief stress, but why not start at the source?

Avoid that you feel stressed altogether.

One way that you don´t even feel stressed to begin with, is to manage your time. Time managament is a great way to find stressors and to organize them.

How can you manage your time effectively?

Most importantly – do you have a calender? If not it is time to get one! Or a journal works also.

Then write down the things you have to get done DAILY, thinks you have to get down WEEKLY and things you can do whenever you have time.

Just like that you can start planing your weeks, just make sure not to plan one meeting, appointment or activity after another. Plan in some time for unforeseeable happenings inbetween. Those are the things that produce stress, make you be late and stress you because you feel like you don´t have enough time – so give yourself the time. Don´t plan one thing after another. The key is to plan in traffic jams, to plan in the time for someone taking to you on the street, for a flat tire and so on…..

That is one part, the other part is, plan in time for yourself.

Time to meditate, time to do yoga or to exercise or just to go for a walk and some time to just read a book, to draw or to do nothing! Give yourself time to get a good nights sleep, don´t plan late night activities – at least not every day. And give yourself the time to plan a balanced diet and the time to just eat and do nothing else.

That doesn´t mean you have to plan in a lot of time for those activities – just continuously. Make it daily habit. A routine. And if you just have five minutes to meditate or just ten minutes to do yoga – do it!

And it is not important what time during the it is, it could be first thing in the morning you do or the last thing before you go to bed. Or you could use the time on the bus to listen to a guided meditation or during your lunch break.

Is it doable?

Make sure you don´t overdo it. The things you are planing have to be doable in the time you are planing. Maybe you don´t even know how long some things last – no problem, just try it out and jot down the time it takes you. Once you know the times, it will be much easer to plan.

What about longer projects?

A lof times we do have goals and want to get done as much as possible right away or we don´t even think about it until it is almost to late and then we are stressed because we only have one or two days or task that would last much longer.

Backwards planing is a good way to get those kind of projects lined up. Write down when something has to be done and then from that date plan backwards to the day you are now, when do you have to finish what task in order to get that whole project done in time with get getting stressed out.

Just two more things:

  1. Flexibility

Don´t become too attached to your plans and to strict about getting everything on your list done – living means being in movement and movement always is flexible.

  1. Stay present

Stay in the present moment during all your actions and acvivities. If you do everything with your full heart and your full attention – you will get it done faster and more efficient as if you multi-tasked.



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