Why you shouldn´t glorify your life before you had your tinnitus

I caught myself so many times thinking in the good old times – when life still was good. When it still made sense. Life was fun, it was just flat out amazing.

What? That is just not true.

Of course then I have pictures in my head – me surrounded by friends, meeting up before going out and laughing.

And yes, those times are rare now – my life has changed a lot due to my tinnitus, but before not everything was perfect. Those things I´m working on right now were there before. The tinnitus didn´t cause me to get stressed out more or to not be able to say no, to look for love. No, those things were there before and might have contributed to my tinnitus deciding to show up.

Sure, those times were great and they made me who I am today, but looking back to the past isn´t taking me anywhere in my present life.

I remembered a story, turning into stone when looking back – so I decided to look that story up. I thought it was a fairytale and was so surprised to find out that it was from the bible. I guess some classes from religious education in my childhood stayed with me. Even though I´m not catholic anymore I wanted to share that story as this topic reminded me of it.

So, it was actually a pillar of salt but I guess the same meaning applies. Apparently it was a family living in Sodom and they were told by angels to flee before a desaster hits the town. The messages was to fee to the hills and to not look behind nor to stop or they would be swept away. The mom of the family didn´t follow through on it and looked back, so she was turned into a pillar of salt.

Not sure what a priest would tell you, but this story shows what looking back to the past does to you. You can´t move on . . . you can´t move forward. You are stuck where you are, just looking back to the past without being able to progress.

In order to advance in our lives we need to let go of the past and look towards the future or our set goals. Living in the present gives us the power to act and we can change our lives right now.

So glorifying the past, when your tinnitus wasn´t influencing your life, makes your situation right now just worse:

  1. It makes you feel bad, because you think all the time about how happy you were before, but not anymore.
  2. It makes it almost impossible for you to improve your situation – you can´t change the past – you can only change the present moment.
What do we have to do?

Accept our present moment, what life is like right now and accept our past AND forgive ourselves for past decisions and for things we are blaming ourselves.

Then we can take action! Then we are free to change our situation right now. Acceptance doesn´t mean we have to just life with how our life is right now. We have to acknowledge and accept that it is how it is, not denying our present. Our past brought us here, but we have the present moment in our hands – we can change it!

So, don´t turn into a stone – work on a better present today!


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